NETA is a school management software, stands for New Educational Technology Application, NETA is a powerful and user-friendly School Management System. This software helps you to easily manage your students, teachers, staff and communicate with the parents. All the functions like student affairs, admissions, fees collection, timetable, staff management, library, Reporting, examination, and academics can be best managed by using this software. This is the one software that you will ever need to manage your whole school or educational institute.

Technology bells and whistles are meaningless to higher education and research institutions. You need proven solutions that address key budgetary and service issues. And that position your institution to attract and retain the best academic talent – and maximum funding. NETA for Universities is dedicated to build better institutions by helping you achieve the following objectives:
  • > Reducing university administrative costs through efficient management:   NETA for Universities supports all processes from front office to back office – including those involving prospects, students, and alumni, as well as financials, operations, human capital management, reporting, and analytics. Support for integrated workflow results in fast, organized, and productive management processes across the campus and research community.
  • > Unifying students, faculty and staff with information and processes:   Many higher education and research organizations spend the bulk of their IT budgets on maintaining existing infrastructure and integrating heterogeneous systems, leaving few resources for innovation. In contrast, the NETA for Universities integrates your students, faculty, and staff with information and business processes while reducing complexity and cost.
  • > Meeting compliance and governance requirements:  NETA for Universities allows you to meet demands for accountability and financial transparency with executive alerting and reporting, security and identity management, content and records management, and workflow and business-process management.
  • > Promoting a relationship-focused mind-set with constituents
SALPoint is a Human Resources Management System, easy to use with friendly interface, but embeds a comprehensive features that helps any Small to Medium Business ( SMB) company to perform dialy HR tasks in a smooth, yet automated way. software divided into modules to make it easy to deal with.